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Mark Wilf Ph. D. mark.wilf@rotechnology.net

Mark Wilf Ph. D.

Recognized as a global expert for membrane applications, Dr. Wilf provides expertise to the engineering and scientific community worldwide and participates in professional forums defining future directions for membrane technology and application development.  This includes reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration technologies applied for water desalination, potable water treatment, and industrial and municipal wastewater reclamation.

Dr Wilf has been involved in process development, system design, project execution, plant operation, and maintenance of large, commercial desalination plants in the US, Europe, and the Middle East since 1977.

Dr Wilf has been involved in development of new desalination processes and optimization of membrane technologies. Some of his inventions have resulted in patent applications and are being used in commercial desalination systems.

Dr. Wilf is a member of the Editorial Board of the Desalination and Water Treatment Journal, acted as an Advisory Expert to the Middle East Desalination Research Center, and a peer reviewer to number of journals on water treatment. He frequently reviews research projects and publications for academic, industrial  and governmental organizations.

Dr. Wilf is regular contributor to professional journals. He wrote chapters on membrane technology processes and applications for several books. He co-wrote and edited The Guidebook to Membrane Desalination Technology that was published in 2006. The second book on membrane technology, The Guidebook to Membrane Technology for Wastewater Reclamation, was published in January 2010.

Dr. Wilf regularly presents seminars and teaches courses in desalination and membrane technology to engineers and water professionals. His seminars and courses are offered through the European Desalination Society at the University in Rome, Italy and in other US and international locations.